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Travel Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Premier Elite Teams 2010-08

Travel Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Premier Teams

Travel Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Premier Elite Teams 1999-2004

Travel Fall 2017/Spring 2018 Premier Elite Teams 2005-07

WYSL Travel Fall 2017 Spring 2018

Bus Trips Spring 2018

TRAINING-ONLY Spring session, players born 1999-2005

TRAINING-ONLY Spring session, players born 2006-2010

TRAINING-ONLY Winter session, players born 1999-2005

Registration is closed

TRAINING-ONLY Winter session, players born 2006-2010

Registration is closed

U5-7 (born 2011-13) Development Academy Spring 2018

2018 Adult Summer Teams and Programming U20-23


Soccerloco Surf Cup Registration July 2018

1000 - College Tracking

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Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Toddler Programs,

For assistance with Travel - Premier,

For assistance with Travel WYSL,

For assistance with *Bus Trips,

For assistance with Training-Only Players,

For assistance with Development Academy,

For assistance with ADULT SUMMER TEAM PROGRAM,

For assistance with Super Y,

For assistance with Surf Cup Registration,

For assistance with College Tracking,

For more information, visit the Manhattan Soccer Club website at



Travel Teams for Fall 2017/Spring 2018

For more info on travel team programs click here


MSC KIDS U5-U7 Development Academy for Spring 2018

For more info on the program click here
For questions or help with registration, email Director Carlos Moreira at

MSC KIDS U3-U4 Toddler Program for Spring 2018

For more info on the program click here
For questions or help with registration, email Director Jeffrey Angione

Training-Only players born before 2010 (for Spring 2018)

For more info on the program or help with registration, email Director of Coaching Ray Selvadurai for BOYS, and Director Patrick Greene for GIRLS. 


Registration Instructions:

For registration questions, please contact:  Paul Nicholas at

For payment plan questions, please contact: Rich Corvino at

For bus service questions, please contact Eddie Sutton at

Please print the steps below before starting the registration process. 


Registration Steps - 

To access the Manhattan Soccer Club Registration Web Page, use this link  Once you’ve entered the page, at the top of this page click “login/register” button. 


STEP 1: If you already have a family account log onto it.  You may see a prompt to update certain information. Please complete this as fully as possible.  Especially make sure your emails and phone numbers are up to date. If you do not yet have a family account with the Manhattan Soccer Club you will have to create one. Please upload a picture of the player when prompted to do so.

STEP 2: Once you have logged into or created your family account you can add the player you want to register.  

STEP 3: Click "register" next to the name of the first child you are registering.   After you click register, you will see a list of those registration options currently open to your child. Click "register to play" under the appropriate program or team.  Select your child's team from the drop down menu. Then click continue.  BE SURE TO CONFIRM THAT YOU HAVE REGISTERED YOUR CHILD TO THE CORRECT TEAM BY MATCHING THE TEAM NOTED IN YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT TO THE TEAM NAME IN THE OFFER LETTER YOU RECEIVED.

STEP 4: The next page describes the terms of registration with MSC. Check the box at the top of the page to agree. You must also agree to the safety guidelines for MSC. The link is below. 

MSC safety guidelines.pdf

Then click "check out." Please review your registration. If there are errors, please use your back button to correct them. If not, select "continue."

STEP 5: To complete your registration, you must make an initial payment of a portion of the annual team fee. The total annual fee includes player dues, registration fee, and the on-line transaction fee, all bundled into one payment. Please note that the on-line transaction fee is collected by MSC and promptly delivered to the appropriate credit card processors that serve as gateways for on-line transactions.  If you decide to pay the entire annual fee up front (at registration), then as a courtesy the Club will issue you a $150 credit that could be used to purchase bus service, uniform items, or training programs for other siblings. We strongly encourage members to opt for auto-charging their credit cards when the time comes to make the second payment due on October 15. It’s a convenient way to avoid having to remember to make the payment and it will also ensure that your child does not get suspended if you forget to make your October 15 payment on or before the deadline. AS A MATTER OF CLUB POLICY, ALL FEES COLLECTED BY MANHATTAN SOCCER CLUB ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.   PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE CLUB RULES GOVERNING REFUNDS AND CREDITS HERE - REFUND and CREDIT POLICY.  If you register for a travel team, you are committing to participate for the remainder of the soccer year, which ends for most teams at the end of the following June.  If you join a travel team after September 25, there will be prorated fee reductions for missing portions of the soccer year.  See the table linked here for discount rates for joining late - Discount Rates for joining after the soccer year begins. The balance of the player fee will be due on or before October 15, 2017. Travel players who have been pre-approved for applying for financial aid can select that option when registering. Information about financial aid can be found HERE. The information is also available in Spanish HERE. Your registration will not be complete unless you have completed the payment required or indicated you will request financial aid.  Additionally, if you intend not to apply for financial aid but you are not able to make your initial payment, then you may be permitted to pay your fee in monthly installments.  In order to qualify for a payment plan, you MUST agree to have the club auto-charge your credit card each month.  No payment plan will be permitted to extend beyond March 15, 2018.

To complete the registration, you must click "confirm order" to complete the process.  If you do this properly, you will receive an email receipt confirming your on-line registration. If you do not receive an email log back into the account you created and check that you completed the process and check out.  Please DO NOT create a duplicate account. 


Post registration:


Once you’ve completed your registration, you will be required to print the following two medical forms by clicking the PRINT FORMS button –

  • MSC Medical and Waiver Form
  • US Club-WYSL Medical Form

Once you’ve printed the two medical forms, you must sign each form and submit them to your Team Manager.

The Team Manager may request additional information. 

TODDLER PROGRAM and CLINICS, please fill out and sign the MSC medical form medical release. , attach a copy of your insurance card, and email them to


Registrar: Rich Corvino:

Assistant Registrar: